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Adjusting the Size of Ribbon Icons

Patty noted that her office was transitioning from Word 2003 to Word 2010. They have quite a few users who have smaller monitors, so she was wondering if there was any way to reduce the size of the icons on the ribbons.

The quick answer is that we haven't been able to discover any method of decreasing the size of the icons on the ribbons. You could, of course, increase the resolution used by your monitors (this is done through Windows, not through Word), which would make the icons appear to be smaller. But everything else on the screen (including the text in your documents) would appear smaller, as well.

If you decide to go the "higher resolution" route, you might consider getting newer, larger monitors for your users. Monitors are relatively inexpensive these days, compared to what they have historically been, so it might be a good time to upgrade this hardware element, too.

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Comments for this tip:

Paul    29 Jun 2014, 16:29
Not sure what I did, but many ribbon icons suddenly got much bigger. Don't recall what I did to cause that. Now I can't undo this. Any suggestions?
Thomas Redd    21 Jun 2014, 10:48
Unfortunately, I do not have 2010. I only have 2013. Perhaps that version was developed more for the tablet and therefore has the setting I described. Sorry--I don't know.
Teresa B    19 Jun 2014, 10:12
Thomas Redd, does this work on Word 2010 or only Word 2013? I can't find that option on my QA dropdown in W2010.
Thomas Redd    21 Apr 2014, 18:22
a quick way to enlarge the icons is to go to the quick access dropdown on the top of the screen and click the Mouse/Touch toggle. Then toggle to touch and the icons are larger.
kate    20 Apr 2014, 18:28
Please can we find a way of increasing the size of the ribbon icons. Why has everything gone so tiny? I can only work on office 2013 for a short time because I'm squinting, it's a relief to get back to my other laptop with office 2007 on it. How on earth do we get round this?
Tony    04 Dec 2013, 20:06
You can add your frequently used commands to the Quick Access Toolbar at top left of the ribbon, then minimize the main ribbon to get more space.
wilkisa    18 Nov 2013, 06:38
Wow, I agree with Bryan. Frankly, I like the ribbon and in the 2010 version, you can create your own customized ribbon.

Just to add to what Bryan said, if you can't figure it out, go to YouTube and watch some of the many tutorials available or go to Microsoft's website to do the same.

If all else fails, take a class!
Bryan    15 Nov 2013, 12:47
Wow, of all the comment threads to *not* delete, there is a ton of ignorance here. "Apple", if you want to abandon an entire company when something fails once, good luck using a computer. As it stands it sounds like you borked your graphics driver. I hear Windows has a rollback feature...

For everyone else who can't figure out how to use the ribbons, you can press Ctrl+F1 to hide them to gain some more screen space.
Apple or Google here I come!    14 Nov 2013, 16:28
Last night when I shut down, Windows installed some updates. This morning, when I booted, it spent about five minutes doing something called "Registration Operation 17148" (may be different ...I wasn't paying too much attention). Now the type on my screen is fuzzy and not fully black, the ribbon is HUGE compared to before, and using my laptop's vertical drag feature to move up & down as I rewrite a story is now line-by-line and very tedious. And now, according to your tip, it seems there is nothing I can do about it, short of abandoning Windows (not that I love it, Noooo! but I am used to it). Bill, your foundation should try to help users, if your company won't.
Valarana    09 May 2013, 20:37
Well it appears that people are not happy with the Ribbon. Me too, well I got used to the way they set up the ribbon, but the Icons and lettering by the icons are so small, I can't use it for long. Has anyone on this site been to Microsoft to complain. I suggest to go to their site on face book and make a post. I have more than once. I am really disgusted with the 2010 Microsoft.
Karen R    19 Apr 2013, 18:06
Office 2010 Ribbons are inefficient, especially if you cannot customize the size of the icons and have to go into the normal.dot file to make defaults STAY. It is just like Microsoft to try to control users. Why it ever changed the default spacing is beyond me. That should have been an OPTION not a default.
MaryB    10 Apr 2013, 09:12
I, too, liked being able to create customized icons in past versions of word. Sorry to have lost that option other than to change from one of the stock icons to another.
MSOFFICESUCKS    09 Apr 2013, 22:59
Unbelievably stupid and inefficient use of a laptops real estate. Stupid ribbon takes a quarter of the screen. (Over exaggeration I know) But Why in the world do they not give us the option to change the icon size!!!
Companyuser    13 Jun 2012, 03:51
I shall resist using overly emotive terms about the new Ribbon toolbar, suffice to stay I find the new toolbar to be inadequately conceived and delivered. The fatures of previous Word versions for customisation allowed rapid devlopment of ones own style and interface with a huge increase in efficiency. All of this has been lost and I am very disappointed.

If I could persuade my company to use OpenOffice I certainly would.

JustRibbonSyinks    08 Dec 2011, 01:27
I agree the new ribbon is less efficient, but Bill Gates is not the technical lead anymore...blame Ozzy
msofficestinks    01 Dec 2011, 18:04
I truly believe that Bill Gates and company are hard core morons. You need a moron to throw away the efficiency of the old toolbar function to replace it with this stupid ribbon user interface nonsense.

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